Glyn Thomas

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Hi I am Glyn and I became the Minister at Frimley Baptist Church in April 2016. I am married to Elaine and have 3 children (Busy, Josh and Luke), 1 cat (Pepper), 1 dog (Betty) and 12 goldfish (unnamed).

I have a passion for understanding the Bible, finding ways to apply it personally and communicating its message to others in a relevant and contemporary way. I am keen to identify the skills and gifts in people and help to facilitate their outworking in the church and community. I desire to help young people and older people feel part of today’s church (as opposed to being considered as the church of tomorrow or stalwarts of the past) and I am convinced that, as God has given me a quirky sense of humour, I should not suppress it!

As well as blessing the local Chinese and Indian takeaways with my presence, I enjoy reading, walking, surfing (internet not ocean), playing Scrabble, all things ‘techie’ and watching films - particularly those where people overcome major challenges.