LIFE Groups

Life Groups - Cross above open BibleLife Groups at FBC are a fundamental part of our discipleship and caring for one another.

The groups provide a place where we can walk together as disciples of Jesus Christ and work out how to live the Christian life.

Our Life Groups operate with the following values:
  • Learning is for everyone
  • Learning in community
  • Learning through doing
  • Learning leads to growth

Life Groups at FBC meet across the week, most in the evenings, and one during the day.

The groups do not have dedicated leaders as such, but various roles are shared by the members. Each autumn there is a sign-up process so that all the groups can start afresh, and members have the opportunity to move to another group if they think this will help them in their discipleship.

Each group has a great deal of freedom to work out how it will operate, but material is provided during term-time matching the preaching themes for those groups that wish to use it.

If you wish to be part of a group please speak to one of the Ministry Team or our Pastor Glyn Thomas, and they will happily suggest a group you can join.

If you have any other questions about small groups please get in touch with us by using the form on our Contact Us page or leaving a message in the Office on 01252 837844.