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Simply put, FBC Youth are here so that Frimley's youth prosper.  We believe with everything in us that God loves young people.  We believe that empowering them and their leaders to bring God's kingdom to our community will ultimately see our whole town prosper.  We love God, we teach His word with passion, clarity and relevance, and we resource ourselves, the wider church and our community with great communication.

But how do we do that when nobody comes to church anymore?  Youth for Christ recently published their own research among GenZ (those aged 22 and below).  It found that only 32% of GenZ believed in a god.  Conversely, a report from Churches Together in England in 2016 found that the church is believed to be the largest provider of youth work in the UK.

We are well placed and have the necessity to reach youth in our town.  We believe it's our responsibility to engage them, to love them, to serve God by serving them.

We're here at Frimley Baptist week in, week out, ready to welcome YOU.
  • On a Monday, 11-14s (school years 7-9) are invited to join us at FBC Youth Club, our younger youth social group.
  • Sunday night, 15-18s (school years 10-13) join us for Sunday Night Live, which changes venue so do ask us where we'll be if you'd like to come!

If you don't believe in God, don't worry - these groups are a chance for you to get to know new friends and Christian leaders in a safe space.  We're always here to answer any questions and, while we'd love you to experience faith for yourself, we will never judge you or treat you any differently - we promise.

If you want to explore faith for yourself, or if you already have a faith and want to grow further in it, we have two groups that you'd be welcome to join us - both at FBC on Balmoral Drive.
  • On a Sunday morning, during the 10.30 am service, 11-14s are invited to join us for Edge.
  • Friday evening our 15-18s come together for Cell.

CYFC logo 2018We also partner with Camberley Youth for Christ to deliver youth work, including after-school clubs, detached youth work and mentoring in Tomlinscote School.  In addition to this, we partner with Surrey Heath Borough Council as a member of the South Surrey Local Family Partnership, a new initiative seeking to partner local youth work providers together to deliver programmes that will see our town's youth prosper.

If you'd like to contact Stephen, our youth worker, please feel free to drop him an email.