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FBC Youth exists because we passionately believe we're here so that Frimley's Youth prosper.  We believe in young people, we believe in family and we believe in our community.

Through close links with schools, local youth work, charities, and even our local council, we are working with a laser focus to impact young people and see them prosper.  To help us do that we run four groups each week - two for younger youth and two for older youth.

Younger Youth

FBC Youth Club
FBC Youth Club gives young people in school years 7-9 the chance to have fun and relax at the start of the week.  We have a central activity each week but plenty to do if that doesn't appeal!  It's just £1 entry, but absolutely free for your first week.  It runs between 7.00 pm and 8.30 pm on Monday nights (apart from Bank Holidays and a couple of sessions over the Christmas period). 
Edge is our primary teaching time for school years 7-9.  Each Sunday morning during the 10.30 am service we have a teaching time where we learn about the Bible and how it applies to our lives.  We believe God speaks today, and we'd love to help you discover that too.

Older Youth

Sunday Night Live (SNL)
Sunday Night Live gives young people in school years 10-13 the chance to relax before the week ahead.  Each week after the 6.00 pm evening service at FBC, we relax and play games.  Often, we'll have food and soft drinks too!
Cell is our main teaching time for school years 10-13.  Each Friday night between 6.30 pm and 8.45 pm we study the Bible and work out what it has to say to us today.  We believe God speaks today, and we'd love to help you discover that too.

CYFC logo 2018We also partner with Camberley Youth for Christ to deliver youth work, including after-school clubs, detached youth work and mentoring in Tomlinscote School.  In addition to this, we partner with Surrey Heath Borough Council as a member of the South Surrey Local Family Partnership, a new initiative seeking to partner local youth work providers together to deliver programmes that will see our town's youth prosper.

If you'd like to contact Stephen, our youth worker, please feel free to drop him an email.