Paris Nurse

Parish Nurse

gillyrowettGilly Rowett

Hello, I'm the Parish Nurse here at FBC and am a Registered General Nurse.

My work here at FBC is associated with a charity - Parish Nursing Ministries UK - that seeks to provide whole person healthcare through the local church.

Whole person healthcare is about a person's overall well-being, including body, mind and spirit.

This can include:

  • simply giving moral support during a medical crisis
  • giving general health advice
  • helping people to get to the right support or medical services
  • praying for people if they wish
  • clarifying medical procedures or issues
  • simply listening

I support self-help groups, specifically The Three Counties Breast Cancer Support Group, which runs on the first Wednesday of each month from 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm at the church. As a church we host Frimley Park Hospital's 'Moving On' course for those finishing breast cancer and gynaecological cancer treatments and we also host meetings for a secondary cancer support group.  For further details of these groups, please click here.

I also run Health Breakfasts a few times a year for groups of men or women where we offer a free healthy cooked breakfast and various medical screening check-ups. This includes a talk from a healthcare professional.