Alpha Course

Are you looking for answers, but not even sure of what the questions are? The Alpha Course is an opportunity for anyone to explore the meaning of life.

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Each session of the course - generally one evening a week - consists of a meal, then we watch one of a series of lively talks on DVD addressing key issues relating to the Christian faith, and follow that with a chance to discuss issues that come up during the DVD talk. Alpha is for everyone, especially those wanting to investigate Christianity, or those who want to brush up on their understanding of what it means to be a Christian.

If you would like to join an Alpha course or for more details, please email

Who is the Alpha Course for?

Anyone! Most courses are a complete mix of people and include those wanting to investigate Christianity, New Christians and those who want to brush up on the basics.

What happens on an Alpha Course?

We share a meal together, get to know each other, watch a video on a specific topic (such as 'Who Is Jesus?') and discuss the topic over coffee and cake.

What if I don't go to church?

No problem. We expect any course to have lots of people coming who don't attend Church.

What if I don't know anyone else?

The course is informal and there are lots of opportunities to chat and get to know each other. Friendships are often made on the course.


Will I have to say anything?

We hope that people will find the environment relaxed and open enough to ask questions, share their experiences and start exploring the meaning of life! If people would rather just listen, that's fine too.

Will people keep trying to get me to church?

No. Neither will we keep pestering you if you decide that Alpha isn't for you.
How much does it cost?

There is no charge - the course, and the meals, are free.

How many other people will be there?

Numbers do vary. We eat together and discussion takes place in a 'small group' - usually between 8 and 12 people.