English Language Support Group 

Vanessasquare135ELSGVanessa Glover

Hello!   Hola!   Bonjour!   Ciao!   Witaj!    Dobrý den!  Pozdravljeni!   Buna ziua! Sveiki!  Olá!

I'm Vanessa and I lead our English Language & Support Group (ELSG) here at FBC, together with a number of qualified teachers and additional helpers.

We meet on Monday mornings during school term times - at church - from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm.

If your first language isn't English, then this Group is probably just right for you. We aim to provide you with friendship and support and use a structured teaching approach to help improve your English language skills. You can also learn a little about British culture and lifestyle.

You will find the atmosphere more relaxed than an English school because we start with some informal conversation whilst we drink coffee before we do more detailed class work. There is plenty of fun and laughter and a chance for you to make new friends. There are also opportunities for you to join in our occasional social events, such as English Pudding evenings, daytime Ladies' Walks and the Church's PopIn Café every Tuesday afternoon.  

You are welcome to attend whatever your nationality, culture, faith or English language ability and we will not charge you for lessons. You can just come along on Monday or if you would like more information first, please ring the church office on 01252 837844 or email the Church Office and our Church Administrator, Michèle Hackney, will pass me your details so that I can contact you.  

Dates can also be seen on the Church Calendar.


Please note that the English Language Support Group will not be running during the Autumn Term 2018. 

It is hoped to restart the group in January 2019.  In the meantime, people are encouraged to come to the Tuesday afternoon PopIn Café for friendly chat and an opportunity to practise spoken English. 

Should you require further information about the Group, please contact Michèle in the Church Office in the first instance - tel 01252 837844, email: office@fbc.org.uk.