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We provide many groups for different ages of children, both during Sunday morning services and during the week. These range from various groups for babies and toddlers and after-school clubs for primary school age children during the week, to Sunday morning Crèche and Children's Church.  We also run an extensive Youth programme.

All these groups are supported by a large team of volunteers who, week after week, dedicate themselves to providing a diverse range of exciting activities. We also have a full-time youth worker on our staff team.

If you have any questions about the programmes or want to know more about bringing your children along on a Sunday then please fill in our Contact Us form.
Activities during the week

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  • Sunday - 10.30 am Service:  Glo-Worms (0-2 years) / Sparklers (3-5 years) / Children's Church (school years 1-6)
  • Tuesday - 9.30 am: Playbox (support group for childminders, grandparents and nannies)
  • Thursday - 9.30 am: Playbox (support group for childminders, grandparents and nannies)
  • Friday - 10.00 am: Babies & Toddlers (open to all who look after children)
Registration Forms
If you would like your child to attend one of these groups, please download a copy of the relevant Registration Form and bring it with you to the next session of the group: